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About Synergy

A little about what makes SYNERGY great!

Our Server

Grizzly Hills is a medium population server based on US central time zone that began around the time WotLK came out.  It is a fairly new server and as such hasn't realized it's full potential yet.  With the addition of new up and coming raiders and raiders from other realms wanting to transfer to a more low-key server, eventually our server will climb in the ranks of achievements and accomplishments.  For now, think of it as the suburbs - easy to find parking, nice people, little to no traffic and clean air. 

Raid times and attendance policy

Our scheduled raid times for 25 man content (currently ICC25) are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:45-10pm server (central time).  Raids scheduled for other days are optional.  Due to the short raid times on only 3 nights, our attendance policy is 80% minimum.  Please be sure you can handle the minimum attendance before applying.  We understand that RL events come first, but if you know you regularly won’t be available any of those nights, you’ll miss raids and we probably aren’t the right guild for you if you're looking for personal progression.

A little about our guild

Synergy is a progression based raiding guild striving to clear current content while at the same time having fun with our fellow raiders.  Our raiders are mainly 18+ individuals that have real life family, friends and work commitments besides playing World of Warcraft.  We are NOT a hardcore group of players that does nothing but play WoW all day and into the wee hours of the night.  If we were, we'd be ranked higher in the US rankings :)  We do however have a commitment to teamwork and enjoy the time we do spend playing WoW and are looking for other mature, dedicated, active raiders to fill our ranks.  We have fun and joke around on vent but get serious when it's time to be serious.  We do not have a PG rated vent but close to it.  We do not slam someone for making a mistake, however we expect our members to recognize when they make one and correct it so it doesn't happen again.  We may not be the #1 guild on the server (yet) but I guarantee we have the nicest people and the most fun in-game.  We do not tolerate drama in any shape, form or fashion, so if you are a drama queen, we are not the guild for you. 

Progression & Loot

We are interested in the progression of the guild as a whole AND your personal progression - IN THAT ORDER.  If you are out for yourself, to see how much gear you can get and you don't really care about the other 24 people that helped you get there, then we are not the guild for you.  We use an EPGP system of loot.  We feel that it best meets the needs of our members and makes it easier for the officers to distribute loot.  Our main concern has always been the guild as a whole.  Long term participation is rewarded.  We know that loot/gear is a minor part of any encounter.  We are not looking to recruit raiders significantly above our level explicitly to “pull” us through content.  By the same token, we are not looking to recruit raiders that are fresh 80’s with little to no raid experience that WE have to pull through and gear up before we can progress.  We are 11/12 in ICC25 and 10/12 HEROIC ICC10.  All other content has either been cleared or would be easy to clear – hasn’t been much raid time allotted to Ulduar 25 for progression sake but we plan on going back for those drakes :) 

What we are looking for

Attitude and skill are the most important attributes a raider can have.  If your attitude stinks or you can't stay out of fire, then we are not the right guild for you.  What we are looking for in our raiders is to be open minded, dedicated, gives 110% from first pull to last and thinks guild/raid first above self.  Raiding is a collective effort - which is why we chose the name for our guild that we did.  We are looking for players with strong communication skills.  Our members are expected to show up for raid nights on time, be stocked up on reagents and consumables, not take frequent AFK's and be prepared for raiding by researching content we have not completed.  Players must be able to take instruction and at time, constructive criticism.  This is not meant to belittle or embarrass anyone but rather to make the guild/raid stronger as a whole.  No one currently in our guild is perfect and we don't expect anyone else to be.  We are looking for players that are constantly striving to improve themselves.  We are looking for quick learners with a strong situational awareness and reaction speed.  Players must have patience and dedication.  We need our members the most when we are striving to down new content - not on farm nights where the bosses are easy to down.  We are not looking for players that love to stroke their epeens or that are selfish or only in it for the loot.  Many of our members have become friends and we tend to think of this guild as our family.  Because of this, we are careful who we accept into our guild.

If you've made it this far, maybe you've decided what you've read sounds appealing and you'd like to join our family.  If so, please click HERE to begin the application/interview process!


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